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Take This e-Course Anytime

Your Angels are always surrounding you, loving you, guiding you, protecting you. You have a Guardian Angel who is with you your entire life and you have other Angels that come in for a reason or a season. Do you know their names? Do you spend time with them? Do you connect with them? Do you know how to hear them and the signs they share to guide you on your path?

Dive deeper into your knowledge of YOUR Angels and how to communicate with them. Doing so can help you find greater peace and ease in your life.

This is also the perfect course if you're thinking about taking the Angel School: It's the perfect introduction to the School!

This 3-week e-course includes: 

  • Easy to access online course videos and homework.

  • Daily short lessons & easy-to-practice tools to help you connect with your Angels (Monday-Friday throughout the course).

  • A recorded Guided Angel Healing for you to keep and use at any time.

  • A recorded Guided Angel Meditation for you to keep and to help you connect with your Angels at any time.

NOTE: The Angel Communication e-Course is completely different from the Angel School. The e-Course is designed to teach you about your personal Angels and grow your personal relationship with them, whereas the School is preparing you for a career as a healer!!

This 3-week course costs $249.