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Become a Reiki Master Teacher and develop your spiritual gifts. The  dates below are for the in-person school. NEW: If you'd like to be taught remotely (via distance), contact Julie's office for details at 630-677-4271.


  • March 7-8, 2020

  • May 2-3, 2020

  • September 19-20, 2020

  • November 7-8, 2020


Hilton DoubleTree Lisle

3003 Corporate W Dr, Lisle, IL 60532




What To Expect


  1. Become a certified Master Teacher in Reiki Energy Healing. Please note: I've been certified in both Chios Energy Healing and Reiki Energy Healing. You will be taught a hybrid of both based on my years of experience with clients and what works best. 

  2. Learn the fundamental tools intuitives, mediums and Angel messengers use to communicate with the Other Side.

  3. Develop your spiritual gifts. Every person has God-given gifts. You may be a medium, aura-reader, medical medium, intuitive, energy healer or other. The God-given gifts that you were given will come out in this course. It is up to you to continue to practice after this course, to continue to develop your gifts.

  4. Learn Energy Healing & Clearing

  5. Receive Supervised Practice

  6. Become a Julie Jancius Angel Reiki Practitioner which gives you the ability to work on clients (and accept payment from clients) after level 3. 


  • Level 1 $385

  • Level 2 $385

  • Level 3 $385

  • Google Drive Access: $94


After completing the 3 levels, you will be a Julie Jancius Angel Reiki Practitioner and have your Reiki Energy Healing Master Teacher certification, which allows you to work on other people and accept payment. Please note, I cannot guarantee what your primary spiritual gift will be. For some it is energy healing through their hands. For some it is seeing color. For others, it is bringing through clear and accurate messages from the other side. After level 3, students typically charge $100-$150 per 1 hour session for the first year as they are still learning. After that first year of practice, students typically charge between $125 - $177 per hour.


A non-refundable $385 tuition payment is due at registration per person, however, you will be able to pay for this entire certification program after just 8-12* client sessions (*approximate). Make your deposit and register right here online (shop page). The remaining balance is due 14 days before the course date and is also not refundable. In the event that you are sick or severe weather, you may attend a future course. Contact Julie for payment plan options.  


Level 1: Learn the basics of how to connect with Angels and your loved ones on the other side; principals of energy healing; chakra energy zones; the auric field; introduction to pain body; intro to ethics; staying grounded; shielding your energy; basic terminology; protocols; beginner practice. 

Level 2: Learn the fundamentals of how to communicate with the Other Side: Angels, guides and loved ones; thought energy; energy testing; energy healing and pain body (advanced); introduction to irregular energies; practice client session; energies of love; grounding; self energy healing; ethics; protocols; practice client test; verbal test. 

Level 3: Advanced fundamentals of communication with the Other Side and delivering messages; repatterining subconscious thought systems; energy testing advanced; reactivating energies; advanced irregular energies; influencing chakras; practice client session; radiant circuits; source points; ethics and legal issues; distant client work and energy healing; protocols; practice client test; written test; reiki master symbols. 


After the course is over, receive access to a Google Drive Folder with some video resources to remember techniques learned in the Angel School. This information is for your use only, not to be shared or reproduced. All information provided in the Angel School is copyrighted to Julie Jancius and Chicago Energy Healing LLC.


Hilton DoubleTree Lisle

3003 Corporate W Dr, Lisle, IL 60532


Hotel and food expenses are not covered by the tuition. A limited number of discounted hotel rooms are available at $109/night. To get the special rate, please call Joline Taggart at 630-245-7621 or


Book and handouts will be provided to you during your training. All students are encouraged to purchase an energy healing ethics book by the last class. 


Level 1 must be completed before taking level 2. Level 2 must be completed before taking level 3. 


Each student is required to pass a written or verbal test, and a supervised practice test (working on another person). Currently, there is a 100% pass rate. 


Food is not provided. There is a restaurant in the hotel where we will be going as a group for lunch. You are also welcome to bring healthy vegetarian options to class. 

Documentation Before Certification

Students are required to sign 3-5 forms including an Ethics Agreement, Julie Jancius Angel Reiki Practitioner Agreement, Disclaimer Usage Form, and typical class completion forms that legally protect you, your clients and Julie Jancius/Chicago Energy Healing LLC. Student will not receive a certification unless all forms are agreed to and signed. Please note, Angel School graduates are not permitted to bring through negative information in their sessions or tell people what to do in their sessions. Spirit will not make decisions for other people as it negates their free will and they do not allow us to do this either.

Notes & Disclaimer

1. Julie cannot guarantee what your spiritual gifts are. Most healers have more than one gift; however, one gift will tend to be more pronounced than the others. You may be a healer and your primary gift is bringing through energy with your hands. You may be intuitive, you may be a medium. The only way to truly know is to go through the program and practice on others. 2. After this training, you will be able to work as a Reiki Master Teacher and Julie Jancius Angel Reiki Practitioner and accept payment for your sessions. You will be able and encouraged to teach Reiki; however, all teaching and certification of the Julie Jancius Angel Reiki program is done by Julie Jancius at the Julie Jancius Angel School. 

Please contact me if you have questions!

Peace and bliss to you,




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