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How do you connect with the Other Side? Do you use cards? No, I do not use cards. I work in the same way as a psychic medium who connects with the Other Side and brings through information. 

Why don't you refer to yourself as a Psychic Medium? While loved ones come through in all of my sessions, they don't come through about their life here, but YOUR life HERE. Where you're at now, where you're stuck, where you have emotional pain that needs to be removed, and they give you information to get you back on your path. Angels also come through in every session. I'm not big on labels and I'm not sure there's technically a name for what I do, so for now Angel Messenger or Angel Readings sound great to me!

Do I need to be in person for a reading, or is it the same as doing a phone session? You do not need to be in person for a reading. Though I love to meet my clients in person, it makes no difference at all if you are in person or not. I receive the exact same information either way. 

How do your Angel Message sessions work? In an Angel Message session, you get in contact with your Angels and loved ones who have passed. Loved ones come through and can help provide guidance in your life. You may get exactly who you expected or you may be surprised at who comes through! I cannot make anyone show up, but you will always hear from who you are supposed to hear from. Just come in with an open heart and open mind.

Please don't ever give me any information about you, or anyone you are trying to reach. Your loved ones will identify themselves with information that only you would know. I will always do my best to get as much evidence about the person I am speaking to, so that you know it is your loved one on the Other Side. Most of my clients say, "I was just thinking that," or, "We were just talking about that!"

How can I prepare for a reading? Writing down questions that you would like to ask your loved ones, or about things in your life is always good idea. Once we are in a session we can sometimes forget what we wanted to ask about. Also, just get a good night of sleep the night before. Come in with an open heart and open mind.

This is my first time and I am feeling nervous. Should I be scared of anything? No, your loved ones are there to give you closure and guidance. I only connect with God energy and bring through positive messages. I do not bring through anything negative or low-vibrational. 

Is my session kept confidential? My client's privacy is is extremely important to me. I may share stories or session examples on my podcast, but I never use names. 

Can someone come in with me for my reading? No, not unless I have approved it. Unless you are doing a group reading, I do recommend that you do your reading by yourself. You will always receive the best reading that way. The energy will be clearer. I do have a waiting room if you would like someone to accompany you. There is a fee to have a second person with you for a mediumship reading. That becomes a dual reading. Dual readings and Group readings can only be done for mediumship readings where every person is a participant. I never recommend just having someone "sit" with you in a reading. The entire reading can go to that person and you will not receive the reading you came in for. I've seen it happen! 

What if you don't connect or things don't make sense to me? I have never had the problem of not connecting to a client. And honestly, if for some reason I felt like we weren't connecting and things weren't making sense to you, I would stop the reading and tell you that maybe I am not the right Angel Reader for you and refund your money. I would never want a client to walk out of my office feeling like they had a bad reading and felt more confused. I did not build a good reputation on bad readings. I think I have only stopped maybe 2 readings in the over 1,000 that I have done because I felt like something isn't right. I feel blessed that I always have a good connection, but I also go into every reading open to the fact that one may come through again at some point because that is just life. I would rather have someone have no reading, then a bad reading! 

Why do you have a disclaimer? We live in a legal physical world, and I need to protect myself and my family from those who like to blame others for their reckless behavior. 

Can I bring a dog to your office? I absolutely love animals, however, my doggies are very protective of their home. So I have to say, no pets are allowed in my offices at all unless they are documented service animals (service animals are more than welcome)!



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