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Make this the year that you step into your Soul self, your authentic power, the person you were created to be!

The most successful human beings on Earth all use the same tools to create the life they’re passionate about living, but did you know the tools they use are 100% energy based? When you understand how energy works and the various factors involved, you can manifest (or better yet co-create) a joy-filled, peace-filled life that you’re passionate about and excited to live.

This e-course is for both those who know where they want to go and those who have no clue! By the end, you’ll better know your purpose and intention, and you’ll have a strong, clear, detailed vision of your path.

You’ll learn what stops manifestation. Are you aware of your own self-sabotaging behaviors, the ones your egoic mind uses to block you? Believe me when I say, we create the blocks within our own path. This e-course will make you aware of the ways your egoic mind has used your fears against you, so that you avoid the pitfalls that have slowed (or stopped) you in the past. 

You’ll also learn how to co-create with God. How to stay in alignment and high vibration, WHILE creating/doing! Here, you’ll get the tools you need to keep your energy and your path clear, making it easier for you to step into the life you were born to live!

This 3-week e-course includes: 

  • Access to a secret Facebook group, exclusively for paid course members.

  • Daily short lessons & easy-to-practice tools to help you manifest a life you’re excited about (Monday-Friday throughout the course).

  • A recorded Manifestation Healing to keep you free from fear and blockages (yours to keep)

This 3-week course costs $299.