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February - Healing the Physical Body - Audio Reiki Session


Need a little healing energy? These pre-recorded audio Reiki Sessions are just for you! February is all about healing the physical body. Join us as we go through a clearing and healing of whole body. Great for those who feel pain within the body, or who are struggling with an illness to visualize their full healing and feel Reiki energy energize their physical body. 


This is not live, but an audio file that you have access to download all that month, starting the first day of the month. You will receive an email with how to download this file. The file is yours to keep and use at anytime. Giving you unlimited access to Reiki healing.


Each healing session is different and channeled by Spirit. As you lay in silence, Julie will guide you through an energy clearing of your mind, body, chakras and auric field. 



This event is $33 and lasts 55 Minutes. No refunds or cancellations.