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March 2020 - Releasing Fear Based Thoughts + Training the Egoic Mind - e-Course

About the e-Course

If you do not control your egoic mind, it controls you. Have you ever heard the phrase, "Train of Thought"? You have 60,000 - 80,000 thoughts a day; however, you're only aware of about 5% of those thoughts. Each of those thoughts is a train wanting you to jump on board and believe what it says. The problem is that most times our egoic mind is lying to us. So if you jump on board that train of thought, it's going to take you where IT wants to go, not where YOU want to go. 

In this 3-week course (Monday - Friday), I'm teaching you how to train yourself you see your egoic thoughts more, how to question your thoughts and how to explore where the egoic mind sabotages your growth. Once you are aware of these tactics, you can prevent them from sabotaging you in the future. ​

COST $249 per person


This 3-week e-course includes: 

  1. Access to a secret Facebook group, exclusively for paid course members.

  2. Daily short lessons & easy-to-practice tools to help you release fear-based thoughts (Monday-Friday throughout the course).

  3. Two live Q&A sessions.



This online course costs $249. No refunds or cancellations.